About us


Founded in 2000, we are a proud family business. We are so grateful and blessed to be running this business and thank god each day. We want to make people’s life easier when it comes to sending money to their loved ones. 

Our Story

Our Start

Our roots lie in Karachi, Pakistan.

 ہم اپنی جڑوں کو کبھی نہیں بھولیں گے۔

Based in Toronto

We founded Mega Money Exchange in Toronto, Ontario in the year 2000.

The Future

Our goal is to become an international remittance company. Serving you from all around the world ensuring your satisfaction to be our top priority. 


Our Mission

We want our customers to feel satisfied, whether it be purchasing your first home, moving to a new country, moving out for college or as simple as sending money to a loved one. Our mission at MME is to satisfy your money needs with minimal effort.